Our materials

Merino wool

What is merino wool and what makes it so unique?

Merino wool comes from merino sheep. The Merino fiber is a delicate fiber, exceptionally fine and are able to bend far more than other coarser wool fibers. This results in an excellent wear performance, great stretch recovery. It can absorb up to 30% moisture without feeling damp, keeping the wearer dry.

The Merino yarn we use has passed numerous of quality assurance standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, licensee of the Woolmark Company, Bluesign System Partner, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 , EU ECO-LABEL standard.

And is guaranteed non-mulesed.


Yak - A ”green” alternative to wool.

Yak fibers are comparable with the cashmere and superfine merino wool, equally smooth and soft, and naturally warmer than sheep wool. The fibers that comes from the undercoat, have an airy texture that absorbs and transports moisture away.

The yak’s spontaneous fur loss allows the creation of fine fibers similar to cashmere that, thanks to its natural colour (that varies from dark to light brown) is not processed with artificial dyes. Because of this it remains naturally antibacteriell.

Natural Comfort, Albini

Elasticity has become natural.

Natural Comfort fabrics begins with choice of precious raw materials, which are 100% natural. The secret is the innovative treatment at low temperature that modify the fibre structure and give the fabric a natural elasticity without the synthetic materials.

The result is a breathable and durable fabric that does not deform and maintains its elasticity over time and remains unchanged even after numerous washings. The fabrics becomes soft and pleasant with a natural touch and elegant look.

Photo: Albini Group

Tencel Micro® Albini

From nature, a feeling of fluidity and breathability.

Of plant origin, TENCEL MICRO® fiber is extracted from cellulose from eucalyptus forests in South Africa, whose cultivation is managed in a sustainable way.

Thanks to the smooth texture of the natural fiber structure, the resultant fabrics are particularly silky and soft on the skin, giving one a feeling of comfort and naturalness. For it’s fabrics, Albini exclusively selects TENCEL MICRO® fibers, which are spun in Italy at the Group’s establishment to obtain superfine yarns. Pure of mixed with cotton, TENCEL MICRO® give’s the fabric a silky fluid touch, while maintaining them resistant, breathable and simple to care for. 

Photo: Albini Group