Clothing care

Instructions that will help you take care of your favourites

Nothing lasts forever, but most things can last longer if you take care of them. Wash your garments according to the Wash and Care instructions that comes with each garment.

Sort your laundry

Set aside any dry-clean only articles of clothing. Group together any delicates or cold-wash only clothing. Group towels and heavy linens. Separate the rest of your clothes into whites and dark or colored groups. Turn T-shirts inside out to prevent the outside from wearing out and fading. This is especially important with graphic tees and denims. But make sure to turn them again before drying.

Knitted items

Did you know that for wool items it is not only the heat of the water that can cause the garments to shrink? Knitted woolen items are extremely sensitive to the spin cycle, too heavy spincycle will definitively shrink your favorite cashmere sweater. On most washing machines you can easily choose a lower spin.

Take care of pills

Proper washing and drying methods will prevent pills in the first place, but if you already have pilled clothes you can try to fix them yourself, rather than throwing the garment out. You can use a store-bought pilling shaver, you can also easily remove the bobbles with a pumice stone, a shaving razor, or even a Velcro hair roller.


Hanging items to dry prevents them from shrinking.  If you have the time, drying in natural sunlight and air is usually best. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, and drying outdoors is eco-friendly. If you do dry your clothes in a Dryer, remove the clothes from the dryer immediately when they are dry.

Hang nicer clothes

Hang your nice shirts, dresses, trousers, sweaters, and any other hanging clothes on a hanger and onto the rack. Be sure to use an appropriately sized hanger.

Address stains and spills immediately!

If you drop or spill on your clothes, dab ice water or seltzer immediately so that the stain does not set. Make sure that you dab rather than rub. Before washing, spray the area with a stain pre-treatment. Don’t clean stains with hot water, as this will set the stain. Try to get to the stain before it dries, while it is still wet. Don’t put stained clothes into the dryer as this will make the stain permanent. Redo the stain treatment, then wash the garment again.