Our products

Exclusive products in high-quality fabrics

Our manufacturers are selected and tested before they manufacture our products. They all have a tradition and a sense of pride that helps them create the best solution for each product. We choose our fabrics with the utmost care. This makes our products a bit more expensive than some other brands, but it’s worth it to pay a little more for great quality, classic design, and clothing that never goes out of style.

Photo: Albini Group

The fabrics for our shirts come from the best manufacturers in Italy who use the finest quality fabrics. We use special washes to make our shirts extremely soft, and they’ll only become softer and more beautiful over time. 

We always chose the fabrics for our trousers great care. They come from, among other places, Tessuti di Sondrio in Italy and Maibom in Germany. Our trousers’ fit are talked about and appreciated.

All the Alcantara used on our appreciated patches come from unique producers.

High-tech fabrics in our outerwear

The fabrics for our outerwear and jackets come from the best producers in Northern Italy. All the Alcantara used on our appreciated patches come from unique producers, while the high-tech fabrics used in our outerwear come from Korea, because they are the world leader in these fabrics.

We’ve dedicated a lot of time on the design and fit of our jackets. Our zippers come from the best suppliers, and many of our jackets have a smart function against water and wind because we glue (as opposed to sew) the seams. This means that many of our jackets are very durable in rain, wind, and stormy conditions.

It took a long time for us to develop the perfect fit and design for our blazers. Many details had to be perfect: the length of the sprint, the length of the blazer and the design of the buttons. The inside had to be exquisite, on both a traditional blazer and a club blazer. It could not be too short nor too long. It had to have the perfect fit so that you feel confident and comfortable when you wear it. We don’t take shortcuts, and we are proud of the result. And we are not surprised that our blazers are appreciated.

Our trousers are a perfect fit

Often, two similar items of the same size may differ. Many others in the industry have 1,0 centimeters of tolerance on their product range. That's what we also have, but when it comes to our trousers we have 0,4 centimeters. The difference of 0.6 centimeters may not sound that big, but it means that when you buy a pair of our trousers, you can expect them to fit the same every time. It’s important to know how trousers are experienced on the body. You should be able to buy a pair of new trousers in the same size as before without having to try them on.

Our accessories come from a large weaver in Northern Italy. When we use silk, we choose to go to the Como District of Northern Italy to cooperate with the best in the world. There is no mass production here: every garment is infused with the love of the craft.

We use exclusive blends in our knitted garments. All our yarns are certified and quality assured so that they are "non mulesed".

We cooperate with many different manufacturers, but we always design our buttons ourselves. Smart and fashionable buttons are details that makes a product pop. Sometimes we make them from recycled materials and we are happy to use hemp instead of plastic. We also make buttons from the wood of olive trees because that tree is sustainable. 

We think that a pair of jeans should have a button fly. But since many people think this is too complicated we also produce jeans with zip fly.

The x-stitches pay tribute to the love of the craft

A detail that has been associated with our brand is our x-stitch. When you made a piece of clothing in the past, the tailor started by making a paper pattern. All the loose parts of the pattern were truncated with an x-stitch. In this way, you could adjust the pattern and tailor the piece based to the customer's body. So, every garment became unique. We use x-stitches on our garments to pay tribute to the love of the craft and to add our own personal touch.